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How to factory reset YeaLink cordless phones

Method 1: From the Base Power off the unit by unplugging the power cord from the back (for PoE, disconnect the network cable). Wait for 15 seconds. With the unit unplugged, press and hold the connect button on the base station. While... Read More

How to Transfer Calls

1) Press "Tran"   2) Dial extension #   3) Wait for person to answer   4) Press "Tran"   5) Hang up   Read More

How to Park a call

How to Park a call  1) Press "Tran" 2) Dial *0 any number between (0-9) to designate park location 3) Press "send" 4) Hang up Read More

Setting up voicemail

  It is important to setup your voicemail for things to function properly. There are two recordings you must do. The first is to record your name; I.e. "Joe Smith” to do this follow these steps: 1.   ... Read More