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 Vertical SBX IP 320

How to factory default the KSU and the VoiceMail

Factory Default the KSU: 1) Open the case2) Turn switch 4 on switch block 1 to on3) Press the button on SW34) Wait for the phones to come up5) Turn switch 4 on switch block 1 to off   Factory Default the VoiceMail 1) Open PCAdmin software2)... Read More

How to record your phone calls

The SBX IP 320 phone system has the ability to record phone calls while you are on the phone talking to someone. This feature works on a call-by-call basis and requires the SBX IP 320 VoiceMail option. Solution:In system programming, go to PGM 112... Read More

How to program the speaker button for a headset

If you have an existing headset that works in-line with the handset of the phone, you can change of the "SPEAKER" button works so that you don't have to lift the handset to make a phone call with your headset. Follow these steps:Press TRANS/PGM ... Read More

How to pickup a call ringing at another phone

Problem : If station 100 is ringing, but you are sitting at station 107, how can you answer 100 from 107?   PickUp Extension You can pick up a call ringing on a specific extension in your area. To Pick Up an Incoming Call on a Specific Extension... Read More

How to transfer a call directly to voicemail

f you are on the phone with someone and you would like to transfer them directly to another persons voicemail so the outside caller may leave a message, follow these steps: 1) Press the "TRANS/PGM" button 2) Press the "CALL BACK" button 3) Dial the... Read More

How to find or change the IP Address of the system

Enter system programming by pressing TRANS/PGM * # Press the [TRANS/PGM] button + 108. Press the FLEX 2 Button. Enter the server IP Address (12 digits). (ex., 192168131154 for IP : Press SAVE Read More

How to record the day & night greetings

Note: You can only record the day and night greetings from station 100. Follow these steps to record the greetings:Press PGM Dial 06 At this point, dial 001 to change the day greeting or 002 to change the night greeting. You will hear a prompt... Read More

My name doesn’t appear in the dial-by-name directory

Problem: When someone try's to dial by first or last name to find the proper extension for "Joe Smith." Joe Smith is not listed as an option. Solution: For the dial-by-name directly to function properly, two steps must be completed.In system... Read More

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