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 Network Equipment

How to do a hardware test on a Cisco switch

    Step# Task Step(s) and / or Screenshot 1 Use putty with a serial cable to connect to the switch   2 Start the diagnostic At the enable prompt, type in "diagnostic start switch 1 test all" When prompted, answer "y" to reboot and start... Read More

How to upload IOS via XModem on a Cisco Switch

If you have a Cisco switch that has a corrupted IOS, you can upload a new version via XModem.  Here are the steps. Download something like HyperTerminal that support sending files via XModem Connect to the console port of the switch using the... Read More

Gateway AV Exclusion

    STEP #   Screenshot 1 Log into firewall   2 Select Network 3 Select Address Object 4 Select Add 5 Name the exclusion and set other information as specified  6 ... Read More