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Google Chrome Reconfiguration

“SameSite by default cookies” must be “disabled” “Cookies without SameSite must be secure” must be “disabled”   Read More

How to troubleshoot a slow Internet connection

 NOTE: These instructions are based on using a SonicWALL firewall.  Steps may vary for other firewalls.   Check the bandwidth usage graphs to verify connection is being maxed out.  Must contact the ISP for the graphs. Login to... Read More

Time Warner Cable - Set Modem to Bridge Mode

When working with Time Warner Cable and you want to have the modem in bridge mode so you can install your own firewall behind their modem.  You need to call into their tech support and request the following changes: Put modem into bridge mode... Read More

How to troubleshoot Internet being down for all users

Problem: no computers at a client site can access the Internet. Solution:Ask one of the users to open a command prompt, do an "IP config" and read you the IP address of the default gateway. If it is blank or starts with 169.254.x.x then you have a... Read More

One computer is having a problem connecting to the Internet

Problem: One computer has no Internet access Solution: there are many things that can cause this problem. Here is a list of items to check:Try rebooting the computer Do an IPConfig and make sure you have a valid IP Address that is within that subnet... Read More