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 Operating Systems

Trusted installer Is Missing

Trusted installer Is Missing   first take ownership of the files or folders and then grant yourself full control permissions and rights. To do so, follow the steps on this link: take ownership of c:\windows\servicing remove the the... Read More

How to replace a failed hard drive in a RAID array

When a hard drive fails in a RAID array and needs to be replaced, you only have one chance to correctly identify which drive has failed and remove it.  If you make a mistake and remove a drive that is considered good, the RAID array will fail and... Read More

How to Prevent Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 10 Update has been deployed to many systems. To prevent your system from installing this update follow these simple instructions to prevent and or remove the update from your computer. Select Start Select Control Panel Select... Read More

How to Run Windows Backup from a Command Prompt to a URL

In order to use Windows Backup to backup to a URL in older version of Windows server 2008 you have to use Windows backup from the command line using “WBadmin.exe”(more info on WBAdmin can be found at this link http... Read More

Wireshark - How to do a command line packet capture

Run the following command from the DOS prompt when in the Wireshark folder instead of running the usual PCAP: tshark -F libpcap -i 1 -f "port 5060" -b filesize:10240 -w 3cx.pcap To stop the capture you will now need to press Ctrl + C By doing the... Read More