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How to Run Windows Backup from a Command Prompt to a URL

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

In order to use Windows Backup to backup to a URL in older version of Windows server 2008 you have to use Windows backup from the command line using “WBadmin.exe”(more info on WBAdmin can be found at this link ). A scheduled task can then  be created to for nightly unattended backups.


  1. Determine/create a network location for Windows backup to backup to.
  2. Create user on both the source and destination location making it part of the Backup Users Group on the source system and just read/write on destination.
  3. Copy the following command into run line for testing:  powershell –command wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\<Server name or  IP Addrerss>\<Share location > -user:<username> -password:<Password>  -include:c: -vssFull –quiet   note: make sure you change variable. This will start Windows Backup (wbadmin) it will back up the C: drive (-include:C:) using a full Volume Shadow Service  (-vssfull) to a network share (-backupTarget:\\<Server name or  IP Addrerss>\<Share location >)  in quiet mode (–quiet )
  4. If test is successful create a scheduled task and paste the working command in to the Program/script box

  5. Click yes pop up window.

  6. Before clicking Finish on  task schedule, check box next to” Open the Properties Dialog for this Task when I click finish”

  7. On the “General”  tab click the radial button  “Run whether user is logged on or not”  and  “Run with highest privileges”

  8. Click ok then enter the credentials you created in step 1 ( Remember you will use computername/username format”
How to Run Windows Backup from a Command Prompt to a URL