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 ComDial DX-80 & DX-120

How to change the time on the VoiceMail system

1) From any extension press "Voice Mail” 2) When prompted for your password, press "#" 3) When prompted for an extension number, press "#" 4) When prompted for a mailbox number, dial "70" 5) When prompted for a password dial "70" 6)... Read More

How to check your voicemail remotely

If you are outside of the office and want to check your voicemail, you may do so by calling into your office and when: A) someone answers the phone, have them transfer you to your extension as if you were going to leave yourself a message. Then,... Read More

How to change the time on the phones

Setting the System Time for a ComDial DX-80 or DX-120 Phone System 1) Enter the database admin mode from extension 101 a. Press "Feature” b. Press "#” c. Press "*” d. Enter the DB Password: "####... Read More