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KB: How to JOIN a Windows 11 System to Entra ID

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Before joining the computer to Entra, make sure you’ve named the device according to our naming conventions and restart the computer if needed after doing so.


Go to “Settings”, “Accounts”, then find “Access work or school



Click “Connect” next to “Add a work or school account




Do not log in to any account. Instead, find “Join this device to Microsoft Entra ID” at the bottom of the page. Click the link.


Sign in using the administrator login that has permission to join computers to Entra


Verify the information then click “Join


You just joined the device to Entra ID!

You might have a Windows Home system if any of these steps are unavailable. You can join it to Entra, but due to limited functionality, you should upgrade to Pro before joining it to Entra ID. The steps are similar but slightly different if you have a Windows 10 system to join.

KB: How to JOIN a Windows 11 System to Entra ID