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How to change between Day and Night modes

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Note: this function can only be performed at station 100.

The SBX IP 320 phone system can function differently depending on the time of day and what mode the system is in. Most systems will be in "auto" mode where the system will automatically switch between day & night modes; however, there may be times where you want to force the system into night mode, i.e. a 3-day weekend / holiday. Follow these steps to set the mode:

  1. Press DND/FWD
  2. You will be prompted to "Select Ring Mode (1-6)." Choose from the list below:
    1. Day Mode
    2. Night Mode
    3. On Demand Mode
    4. Weekend Mode
    5. Auto Ring Mode
    6. Lunch Mode
  3. Press HOLD/SAVE to save your changes.
If you selected option 5 for Auto Ring Mode, the DND/FWD light will be flashing rapidly when you are done.

Note: if you change the system from Auto Ring Mode to any other mode, it will not automaticlly switch back to Auto Ring Mode; that must be done manually.
How to change between Day and Night modes