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Migrating Redirected Folders

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Migrating Redirected Folders


Step #




Created New destination share


Created folder called “RedirectedFolders” on new server and share using the same name.



Set permissions


On new share make sure “everyone” has full control selected


Click OK twice to create share


On the security tab make sure that “users




Set caching setting


Click on “cache Setting” and select “ No Files or Programs from the shared folders are available offline”



Move files


Open a command prompt as Administrator and run:

 ”robocopy \\old_server_name\current redirected sharename\ \\new_server_name\RedirectedFolders\ /e /copyall /move


NOTE: This will “move” all files to new location



Copy back folder structure


robocopy \\new_server_name\RedirectedFolders\ \\oldservername\current redirected sharename\ /e /xf * >null


NOTE: This copy back to original location just the folder structure without any files. This important because the GPO needs to see this location  in order to make the change.




Set Permissions on old location


Change permissions on old server share so that all users have full permissions



Update Redirected Folder Group Policy (GPO)


Open “Group Policy Management” and right click on current redirection policy. And for each folder (Desktop, Documents …) that is configured for redirection:

  1.         Change “Root Path:” to reflect new location



  1.         On settings tab make sure “Move the contents of “folder” to new location” is unchecked and that “Leave the folder in new location When Policy is removed” is selected.







Migrating Redirected Folders