QuickBooks Do’s and Don’ts When Using in OneDrive to Store the .QBW (data) Files


  1. Only one user should be assigned to the Accounting Team and Only QuickBooks Database(s) should be in that Team's Folder. All other accounting Documents should be in a separate Teams Folder
  2. Pick one computer that will have the Accounting Teams folder sync'd to it. This computer should be the person that uses QB the most and the computer that stays in the office. We will call this computer the QuickBooks "server."
    1. If more than one person needs access to QuickBooks
      1. The QuickBooks database manager should be installed on this PC.
      2. The Accounting Teams folder should be shared out.
      3. On the other computers, map drive "Q" to the QuickBooks Server.
    2. when backing up with Veeam disable versioning, (see this Article: http://kb.naturalnetworks.com/article/disable-versioning-in-sharepoint-for-quickbooks-use-in-ms-teams-634.html )


  1. Do NOT have multiple people connected to the Team's Folder that contains the database because it will cause corruption or sync issues in the QB database and could create multiple versions of the database.


Author: Anthony Polselli

Article ID: 626
Created: July 1, 2021
Last Updated: August 2, 2021
Author: Natural Networks NOC [support@naturalnetworks.com]

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