One computer is having a problem connecting to the Internet

Problem: One computer has no Internet access

Solution: there are many things that can cause this problem. Here is a list of items to check:

  1. Try rebooting the computer
  2. Do an IPConfig and make sure you have a valid IP Address that is within that subnet for that LAN. If you do not have a valid IP Address, try releasing and then renewing the IP Address. If you still do not get a valid IP Address, check the physical connection and make sure the DHCP Server isn’t having a problem.
  3. Can you ping the default gateway from this computer
  4. Test and see if you can ping
  5. Test and see if you can ping
  6. Try a different browser
  7. Make sure your hosts file has not been hijacked by a virus
  8. Check for spyware

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Created: June 6, 2012
Last Updated: February 13, 2013
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