How to install Virtual Office on an IPad

In order to run the Natural Network Virtual Office solution on an Apple IPad, there are two applications that must be downloaded and installed from the App Store.

The first step is to download the following app’s from the App Store:
  - SonicWall Mobile Connect
  - 2X Client RDP / Remote Desktop by 2X Software Ltd.

The next step is to open and configure the SonicWall Mobile Connect

1) After opening the app, click on "Enable"

2) Touch "Add Connection"
3) Fill in "Name" & "Server" per screen-shot below and then touch "Next"

4) Skip entering the username and password for now and press "Save"

5) Touch "Connect"

6) Enter your Virtual Office username & password and then touch "Login"

7) You should now be connected to the Virtual Office.  IMPORTANT, when you are done working remotely, you need to re-open the SonicWall Mobile Connect App and touch "Disconnect"

The next section will walk you through configuring the 2X RDP Client

8) Open the 2X Client App

9) Click on the "+" icon at the top left to create a new connection

10) Select RDP Connection

11) Configure the following items:

12) Touch "Save"

This completes the installation & configuration of the app’s.  You can now connect to your office computer from anywhere that you have Internet access.  After you are done and disconnect from your office computer, remember to also disconnect the VPN tunnel.

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Created: Thu, Dec 6, 2012
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