Virtual Office Web Browser and Java Settings

Virtual Office Web Browser and Java Settings


Virtual office can be used with most browsers but the user experience is typically better with Internet Explorer using ActiveX plugin or Firefox and Java because printer and drive redirection are available and monitor spanning is available when connecting to remote computers running windows 7 ultimate/ enterprise or server 2008 r2 and above. Google chrome only supports html5 connections and do not support the above features.


Only Firefox needs some additional configuration in order to connect using Java and they are:



Step #





Install or upgrade Java to most recent version if not already installed.





Enable Java Firefox browser





icon in Firefox and select 





Set the Java Platform to “Always Activate” 






Add “” to Java





Navigate to the windows “Control Panel” and double click the Java icon

  then click on the “Security” tab







On Security tab click on “Edit Site List”






Click “add” and enter “” and then click until you close the Java control box.







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