How to configure an IPhone for New 2013 Hosted Exchange

How to configure an iPhone for New 2013 Hosted Exchange


This article will configure an Exchange 2013 account on your iOS device.

Note:  The images in this walk through are from an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.

Though screens on other iOS devices will differ in appearance, the process remains the same.

  1. To begin, on the Home Screen tap on Settings

  2. Then Accounts & Passwords



  3. Then Add Account.

  4. Select Exchange

  5. Fill in your Email address and password. The description can be anything you would like. Tap Next.

  6. From the pop-up

  7. Input the Server ""
  8. Leave DOMAIN leave blank
  9. Enter your email address as your Username and renter your Password. Tap Save.
  10. Select the services that you wish to sync with the Exchange Server. Tap Save.

  11. You done and your email should be working!