How to pickup a call ringing at another phone

Problem : If station 100 is ringing, but you are sitting at station 107, how can you answer 100 from 107?




You can pick up a call ringing on a specific extension in your area.

To Pick Up an Incoming Call on a Specific Extension:

1.Lift your handset or press SPEAKER.

2.Press 7.

3.Enter the extension number of the ringing station to be automatically connected to the caller.



You can pick up a call on any extension within your call PickUp group.

Note:You must be part of a PickUp Group in order to pick up calls to that group. Contact your System Administrator to find out if you are a member of a PickUp Group, and if so, which group.

To Pick Up a Call to Your Group

When a station within your group is ringing:

1.Lift your handset or press SPEAKER.

2.Dial 566 to automatically connect to the caller.