How to factory default the KSU and the VoiceMail

Factory Default the KSU:

1) Open the case
2) Turn switch 4 on switch block 1 to on
3) Press the button on SW3
4) Wait for the phones to come up
5) Turn switch 4 on switch block 1 to off


Factory Default the VoiceMail

1) Open PCAdmin software
2) Click on LDK Utility / LDK Remote Diagnostic

3) Configure a connection type (serial, modem, LAN) and connect to the KSU

4) Click on "Enter" button

5) Password: jennie

6) type "x" and press enter

7) login again w/ the same password.  This time you should have a "maint>" prompt instead of a "mon>" prompt

8) type "vc a" and press enter to reset the card.  You should get a message that the memory was cleared