How to install & configure the client software

Here is a brief check-list for installing the software on a PC or Server:

  • Install the software with defaults
  • Configure anti-virus software (both real-time scanner and scheduled scanner) to skip the process named "backup.exe" and the folder where the MIS Web Backup client software is installed.
  • Launch the MIS Web Backup software and configure the following items:
    • Settings / Destination
    • Settings / Reports
  • Under the "Backup" tab, select the files / folders to be backed-up and click on save.
  • Under "Schedules" add the scheduled backup and check the box to "run as local system."
Note: if you are backing up very large files, SQL Server, and / or Exchange Server, you will need to modify the "BackupClient.ini" file so that "MaxMBCopy" and "MaxPatchWindow" values are 3 times the size of the database being backed-up. Also remember to remove the "#" symbols in-front of these values.