Quick User Guide to Your CloudPBX


Quick User Guide to Your CloudPBX




Manage Your Status

Below your name, click on the arrow to reveal the drop-down menu.



Setting Your Voicemail Greeting from the Phone







  1. Dial the voicemail number as indicated in your welcome email.
  2. Enter your PIN and then press “#”.
  3. Select option “9”.
  4. Select 2 on your phone keypad or “B”.
  5. Then select “0” to record.
  6. Record

Press “#” to end recording and “0” to save.

Setting Your Voicemail Greeting from the Web Client


  1. Go to “Settings” > “Greetings
  2. Set a greeting according to your status.
To Playback Voicemail by Phone





  1. Press on the “Voicemail/Message” button:

  1. Follow the prompt and enter your PIN number.
  2. Next press “#”.
  3. Press “*” to play your messages.
To Playback Voicemail on Android & iOS App



  1. Tap on the burger menu and select “Voicemail”.
  2. Tap on the voicemail.
  3. Select “Play” to listen to the message.
Make, Receive & Transfer Calls







  1. Click on an extension or enter name/number in the search box.
  2. Toggle the phone icon to call on your smartphone, desk-phone or web client.
  3. Transfer a call by clicking “Transfer” or “Att. Transfer”.
  4. Enter the extension or name.
  5. To blind transfer click “Transfer” and hang up.
Chat with Your Colleagues




  1. Click on the “Chat” function.
  2. Click on the “Compose” icon to search and add people for one-on-one or group chat.
  3. Select the extension(s) and click “OK” to start chatting


Call Numbers from Web Pages Using the Click2Call Extension




  1. Install the Chrome or Firefox extension.
  2. Configure it and refresh your browser.
  3. Clicking on a number will launch the 3CX dialer.


To Park a Call



BLIND Transfer Button followed by *00 to 09 to specify the parking orbit.


Dialing *01 will place the call in the parking orbit 1.

Dialing *02 will place the call in the parking orbit 2.

To Pick Up a Parked Call




Dialing *10 to 19 where the 0 – 9 is the park orbit number

 *11 will pick up any calls parked in parking orbit 1

 *12 will pick up any calls parked in parking orbit 2

Multiple Calls in Parking Lots




To un-park, add the extension number from which the call was parked

if extension 100 parked a call in park 0, this call can be picked up by extension 101 by dialing *10100

Creating a Web Conference




  1. Click on “WebMeeting” in the web client.
  2. Allow WebMeeting to use the camera and microphone.
  3. Click on “Invite People” in the right panel to add participants


Creating an Audio Conference from the Web Client, Andriod & iOS Apps






  1. Tap or click on “Schedule Conference” (in the top menu for smartphones).
  2. Enable Announcements” to get notified when participants join.
  3. Add the “Subject” and “Notes”.
  4. Specify the preferred time.
  5. Hit “Create Meeting” (Web Client) or “Done” (Android & iOS) and add participants.



External Participants will receive an invitation email with an external dial-in number and a PIN.


Internal participants will receive an email with an extension and PIN or be called.