How to Install TDO, Version 11 Best Practices

How to Install TDO, Version 11 Best Practices


  • Workstation should have Windows UNC set to low or turned off
  • Domain Users needs to be a member of local administrators
  • Browse to the TDO map network drive. Find folder “TDO Builds” and run the installer.
    • When running the installer, select “All defaults” and for the install type, select “Workstation.”
  •  After installer completes, it will create an icon on the desktop to launch the application. Right-click on the icon and select “Properties,” and make sure that it is set to run as administrator
  • Display properties: monitor resolution needs to be 100% under the drop-down for "change the size of text, apps, and other items" or you can have problems with MS Word integration. 
  • Configure settings for that workstation under Administrative / Edit Control Table / Workstation Settings 
  • If the client uses CareStream, there is a DLL that TDO needs to update for the X-rays.

Notes on monitor settings:

  • The MS Word intergration for doing letters can have problems if the monitor is not set to 100% under display properties / "Change the size of text, apps, and other items"

Notes on Windows Firewall Settings:

  • If Windows firewall is enabled on the workstation, you have to create 2 firewall rules in the Windows Firewall.  Both are outbound.  One for TCP port 4150 and one for UDP port 4150

DSLR Camera Notes - this is the camera attached to the microscope:

  • You need to install CareStream driver SetupRVG-Carestream_4.6.9.0-C.exe